Article-writing software programs are increasingly popular: many website builders rely on such software to build up the content of their websites. However, others believe that article-writing software doesn’t really work, and ultimately, the best articles are always manually-written ones. While most article-writing software must be purchased, some can be found free online.


Many people utilize popular, free online article-writing software. What most of these article-writing software programs do is present you with some existing templates. Once you select the template of your choice, you are asked to fill in a few boxes on a form-type page. When you hit the submit button, the software generates and presents you with an article. These articles, however, are very clichéd and are essentially a carbon copy of 10 other articles! What these software programs basically do is feed your specifications into a format that is already tried and tested. The programs simply modify their own style to incorporate your ideas, and that is how the so-called “article” is prepared.


While using this type of article-writing software can help you in preparing an article, it makes more sense for you to write the article yourself. It is not a difficult task, and all you need to do is follow these simple steps:



Plagiarism is not only illegal, it may also be harmful because if you use another website’s content in your article, you may incur legal trouble and/or lose credibility with the customers who look for genuine sources of information on the web. What many article-writing software programs do is take content from one website, substitute keywords with synonyms, reorder the phrases, and then present you with an article that looks different on the exterior. This article may pass Copyscape, but you will know that it is plagiarized, and so will your readers. So be very careful when using article-writing software, because once the credibility of your website is compromised, you might find it very difficult to rebuild.


It is indeed simple to write your own article! You need not depend on article-writing software to do it for you. Don’t even consider spending money on such software, as there is no substitute for the quality and genuine feel of a self-authored article.